Insane Women

Since splitting up with an ex a few years ago we have, to some extent,  remained friends.  Now and again this ‘friendship’ nearly goes back into relationship mode.  But I have continued to make it clear to her that I didn’t want that and she knows as much.  Therefore, a few weeks ago she told me not to get in touch with her again or contact her – even though she is the one who contacts me first.  Always. 

All is fine in Cynical Scribble world, she isn’t the love of my life, I don’t pine over her or anything.  I deleted her number off my phone (just to be doubley sure of no drunken text antics) and hey ho, we all move on.  Brushed under the carpet and filed under ‘ex’.

Fast forward and all of a sudden she starts texting me again. “I know you must think I’m a psycho…”.  ummm…well….yeh actually I do now.   Turns out she just wanted to see how I am.  “I’m good” was my short reply.  I cant be doing with all the temper tantrums of don’t get in touch with me again. only for the next week my phone going beep from the same person thinking we’re still mates.  Now to be filed under ‘Mad ex’.


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