Play-Doh Hair

Going the barbers just seems so unnecessary in this day and age.  If we can send man to the moon (allegedly) then we should be able to stop our hair growing.  I mean, I cant be the only man who hates the monthly visit to the barbers?  In the time spent in the barbers I could be doing something a lot more productive like thinking of better posts to put on here.

You sit there staring at your reflection making small talk to the barber.  You have to be nice, even if he/she are boring.  Laugh at their rubbish jokes and seem genuinely curious to their weekend plans.  

Playdoh Obviously I haven’t done much medical research on this theory.  But I propose that we should have a button somewhere or maybe a implant/injection which stops the hair growing when it has reached your required length.  You’d be able to push it through your head like squeezing Play-Doh through one of them extruder things.  Then, hey presto it stops growing. 

Actually, we might as well just have Play-Doh hair.  Imagine the mish mash of styles and colours we could have then.  

“I think I’ll go for the flat fried egg look today”

The next day it can be a swirly purple, green and yellow dreadlock combo. 

The possibilities are endless…


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