There Will Be Blood

At the weekend I watched There Will Be Blood. I hadn’t read any reviews of the film and neither had I properly heard about it. The main reason I wanted to watch it was because it was nominated for a few awards in the Oscars. Then the Oscars passed and Daniel Day Lewis had won an Oscar for Best Actor.

I got about 40 minutes into the film and was still awaiting the appearance of Daniel Day-Lewis. I thought it was slightly odd that he hadn’t yet made an appearance but nevertheless I watched on. Sixty minutes in and I thought that maybe I’d missed him. He must’ve already been on but I haven’t recognised him.

Half way through, I still hadn’t seen him and was thinking to myself that he must’ve put in a bloody good performance to get an Oscar for half a film. About the same time I was thinking to myself that if Daniel Day Lewis got an Oscar for Best Male, why didn’t Sean Connery get one? He had, so far in this film, been in it a lot more and done brilliantly. He’d even dyed his hair and beard.

When it finished I came on the net and done a search on IMDB to double check it was actually that film that Daniel Day-Lewis won the Oscar for. Oops.

No wonder he won an Oscar. Anyone who can imitate Sean Connery like that deserves one.


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