I knew that this weekend I would be staying in.  Mainly because my considerable lack of finances at the minute.  So on Friday night I turned my phone off.  Mainly to avoid anyone wanting to make failed attempts at asking me to go out.  This is a new thing for me because I never turn my phone off.  Ever.  So I woke up yesterday morning and decided to keep it off all weekend and you know, it’s felt kind of liberating.

I haven’t felt the need to have it at my side constantly.  I haven’t looked at it every other minute checking for the text messages I haven’t received.  I haven’t had to double check that I had somehow missed a text 30 seconds before I last checked.  I haven’t had to see the phone ring and let out a sigh before answering to one of my mates inviting me out.  As good as this is, it’s not good when you know you can’t venture out for drinkage.

So, my next big decision is – when do I turn my phone back on?  Do I leave it until I need to get hold of someone, or would that be selfish of me?  Although I am wondering if anyone has tried to get hold of me and are speculating why my phone is off.  They haven’t speculated enough to call round to my house though.  Bastards.  I could be dead for all they know!

However I’m also a little apprehensive about turning it back on.  What if the only people who have tried to call me are my brother and Orange to offer me a new contract/phone?  How gutting will that be! 


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